1 2 3… glasses!

Yes, I got glasses about 4 months ago at the age of 26, which is strange ’cause I though I should’ve been either much younger or much older to get them but… here… Continue reading

Lost in a jungle

Ok, always going through my closet to try and bring back to life old and forgetted stuff, I found this goergeous knitted top my mother made for me when I was 15 and… Continue reading

sunny little town

  Today I got inspired by this beautiful and simple shift dress I found in the back of my closed, I decided to wear it with these black elastic bands shoes, vintage bag… Continue reading


Following from the previous post, I also mado a separate inspirational collage for accessories and details. This winter look very happy and bright with a folk taste. Notes: Red lipstick, tight collars and… Continue reading

Autumn/Winter 2012 Inspiration: LOOKS

Ok browsing through Velvet Magazine this month there was a special on A/W 2012 trends, so I decided to throw myself and make an inspirational collage of the trends that are on for… Continue reading

Strong orange

After wearing this outfit yesterday to go to the pub with some friends I’ve decided to take some pictures before it started raining again. I’m wearing Benetton leggings, vintage cotton top and 100%… Continue reading

Simple luxuries

The day before the very first summer rain, it was already in the air. The dress is cloudy blue and the back lace detail matches the pattern of silver earrings and bracelet. Python… Continue reading

Fresh start

Freshly start my new blog by taking some pictures of my sister in her garden surrounded by Bonsai trees, I think that with the new aircut it gives a Bonzo monk feel to… Continue reading